Besides wild crafting, I also lead guided Medicinal and Edible mushroom/plant hikes in the Blue Ridge Mountains. I cover a variety of poisonous, edible and medicinal mushrooms, as well as over 20 useful plants in our region. My walks last anywhere from 1 and 1/2 to 2 hours in length. Destination hikes such as waterfalls, 360 view balds, and various other places of interest can be arranged. My walks take place in the Asheville area, Black Mountain, Burnsville, Old Fort and Brevard.

***My typical charge for these hikes is $50 per person and half price for kids. Just contact me by phone or email to set up a walk!

***I also do ID walks at private residences, I will come to you! The cost of these walks will be $60 an hour. Email me for more information or to set up a private walk.

Reviews of walks:

“My wife and I joined Kevin for the mushroom/plant walk last weekend – what a great experience!  A walk in the beautiful woods of North Carolina, saw lots of mushrooms (both the good kind and the bad kind – now we know the difference), cool plants, and a good group of people.  Kevin is very knowledgeable about the mushrooms and plants and is able to explain it in a very easy manner.  We had a terrific time, came home with lots of mushrooms, and hope to do it again when the next mushroom season occurs.   I already put my knowledge to work and collected a bunch of cinnabar chanterelles today when I came across a patch of them while fishing!  Will be eating them tonight!

—Jay M (Black Mountain, NC)

“Kevin led myself and several others on a plant and mushroom ID hike. He was very knowledgeable and also encouraging of us to learn on our own. He recommended a great mushroom ID guide book for the southeast that I’ve already dogeared half a dozen varieties that we found on the hike. Kevin is definitely a friendly and personable guy to be around. We ended our hike with a large basket full of edible mushrooms that we split evenly and I now have lunch for two days, about what the hike cost (very affordable). I plan on doing several more hikes with Kevin later this year.” –Tomas Maly (Asheville)

“We went on a great hike and found so many delicious edible mushrooms and plants! I had fun with Kevin and happy I met a bunch of new friends! I feel much more empowered and confident with new and familiar mushrooms after this walk.”—Alea Tuttle (Asheville)

“I joined a wild plants/ mushrooms foraging walk that Kevin led and loved it so much! We learned so much, had a great time and all went home with some wild foods to eat! I can’t wait to join another walk and I HIGHLY recommend him to others!!!” –Andrea Johnston (Asheville)

“Just got back from a mushroom walk, I learned so much more than I could imagine. As a chef I always love learning more about ingredients I use all the time. I would love to go and find mushrooms again soon! The walk is the perfect amount of time and coming home with so many mushrooms was so enjoyable.” –Margeaux Pierce (Asheville)

“Today I went on a small group hike with Kevin and a few others who were wanting to learn more about edible and medicinal mushrooms. I know a little about edible shrooms but today I know a lot more. Kevin is also knowledgeable about plants as well. Great time and will go again!” –Robert Carter Wallace (Asheville)

“I did a mushroom and plant walk with Kevin. He new a lot about them and was extremely helpful. I learned a lot from the hike. I would highly recommend it if you want to learn about edible mushrooms and plants.”–Parker Bell (Candler)

“As a native of Asheville I’ve always wanted to be better about identifying native plants. There are some I know and many I had questions on.

On this hike he not only answered questions (I didn’t even have to ask) but also was super informative on plants I didn’t even know to ask about as well as mushrooms. I loved it. I’d do it again ( there was so much information I didn’t know I wasn’t aware of that not all of sunk into my brain.)

I highly recommend this! You’re supporting local business and yourself by joining in on this experience. Cheers, Kevin! Thank you SO much!”—Jessie Brandt

“(Review for my mushroom walk)
We had such a wonderful time on our walk with Kevin. He brought us to a great spot and showed us TONS of mushroom species (he’s knowledgable about local plant life as well)! It was a beautiful, enlightening experience and we came home with quite the variety of mushrooms to try! Kevin is a lovely human being and clearly cares a lot about what he does, the medicinal benefits, and being ethical in his cultivation. It won’t be my last walk…Highly recommend!”  –Tessa Matthes (Asheville)

“Today I had the pleasure of hiking in Montreat with my best friend to find some hidden, edible gems! I have always been interested in foraging, but I never felt confident enough to just gather mushrooms on my own. I can now say I know a handful of varieties to look for and the defining qualities some of those non-toxic and toxic varieties possess!
Thank you for a wonderful, educational, wild mushroom foraging experience @kevs1813! I hope to pick your brain again soon… and more shroomies!”

—Mia Bach (Tampa)

Kevin’s mushroom walks are abundant with harvest, knowledge, edibles and drinkables. He’s ah fun guy who knows his fungi” —Anthony Antonecchia (Asheville)

“Kevin is a fantastic foraging guide. Knowledgeable with lots of experience foraging and focus on the benefits of Chaga. I have a lot of interest in medicinals. He shared a recipes and processing of various plants, roots and of course mushrooms. We loaded up our bags and baskets from the forest, felt like I had been to a gourmet market! I think Kevin should consider doing personal property consultations if not already out there! I would repeat a tour during other seasons to learn more about plants in various stages of growth.” —Holly Foster (Asheville)

3 Replies to “Walks”

  1. Went on my first ever walk last week and had a blast! Kevin knows more about mushrooms and plants than I learned in my entirety of school. The mushrooms were also amazing; I’ll definitely be going back!

  2. Hey Kevin,

    Jeannie and I are looking forward to some warmer weather so us Florida baby bears can join you on some walks. If you have some made I could soon use a 2oz tincture of Chaga non alcohol. And another jar of loose Chaga. I have been drinking it and steaming with Chaga and Pa D’Arco, they seem to be a good combo for my sinuses. I even added a few drops of Chaga tea to my nasal sprayer. Not sure which thing is helping the most but it all seems to be working in synergy as I’m making great progress. Reading David Avocado Wolfe’s book on Chaga. Very interesting. Any other good Chaga or shroom books that you like? I’ll be in touch and maybe make a road over there next week.

    Thanks again man! 💪🍄✌️

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