Birch Polypore-Piptoporus Betulinus

Birch Polypore is quite a special mushroom. It’s history goes far back and in the 1990’s hikers found a perfectly preserved ‘ice man’ named Otzi in the swiss alps. Otzi had Birch Polypore pieces on his necklace. Not only used to keep his fire going but for his digestive health, which he seemed to suffer from. These mushrooms grow on Birch trees in the winter months mostly.

It’s benefits include:

boosting the immune system

soothing the gut, gastrointestinal balance

deters harmful organisms, promotes a healthy micro biome

antitumor and antiviral effects

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  1. My wife has persistent gut problems. Shes willing to give the birch polypore a try. I like to get out & forage. Whats your schedule for mushrooming?

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