Indian Pipe-Monotropa uniflora and Usnea

Indian Pipe, also known as Ghost Pipe is a very interesting wild flower. for many years I believed it to be in the mushroom family. Indian Pipe is a very special, sacred medicine, it is for sure one of prettiest little plants out there. They typically grow in large groups. I will say this is a powerful medicine, nervine and sedative and should be used with caution in regards to dosing. It may have toxic compounds. I use it only as needed. Some it’s benefits include:

*Aids against restlessness, anxiety and depression

*Pain relief

*Helps nervous irritability

*Relieve migraine headaches

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Usnea is a very common lichen found all over the forest. It’s also known as Old Mans Beard. There is a Cherokee belief that one should never gather Usnea from the tree but rather from the ground, when it is rightfully offered. Usnea has a range of benefits including:

*Weight loss

*Fever Control

*Pain relief

*Wound healing

*Fights infections and colds

*Fights sore mouth and throat

*Anti-Viral, Anti-Fungal

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Both of these herbs can be used as a tea or tincture.

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