November News Letter

It’s fall for a little while here in Western North Carolina and the colors are on fire. I love to be out among the trees as they shed their leaves. For me this is a time of transition, of making medicine and simply enjoying the season changes. The markets are winding down but still got a few to highlight. Black Mountain will go until November 23rd (their holiday market) and I will be there for the November 16th one. East Asheville market will have a holiday market on Friday, December 13th, from 3-6pm, inside the church. The last Burnsville, Yancey county market is Saturday, November 9th and I’ll be out there. Asheville Community Yoga will host a holiday art market on November 10th from 10 am to 6 pm, at the studio and I’ll have my table set up. And that’ll be another great tail gate market season complete, it was a pleasure as always meeting new people and sharing my knowledge and products. Thanks to everyone who came to support me and my venture!!

This months feature is the often overlooked but medicinally, wonderful Turkey Tail mushroom. This little friend is quite common all over our region. Turkey Tail love downed branches and dying tree trunks, as they are decomposes. The best way to tell if you have true Turkey Tail is the underside. It has to be white. There is false Turkey Tail, Violet Toothed Polypores and others similar to it but all those do not have the white bottoms, some really close to that. Some people use these for soup stocks or trail gum and some have showed promise of medicinal benefits. Turkey Tail come in all sorts of colors in ringed patterns on the top sides. Purples, blues, browns, grays and greens are some of those colors. They are Polypores, so no gills, instead little, tiny teeth or pores. Sometimes they can feel like sand paper. Turkey Tail is one of the most researched mushrooms in Western medicine. It is often used in conjunction with chemotherapy due to it’s immune boosting qualities, helping to rebuild the immune system after treatments. Needless to say it is Anti-Cancer. It helps the digestive system do it’s job. They are full of Anti-Oxidants, Polysaccharopeptides which are immune boosters, combat HPV, reduce inflammation, and are safe for canine cancers. The best way to consume Turkey Tail is by making a tea or tincture. Look around while hiking and I’m sure you will see them, especially this time of year. Here’s a few shots of look alikes.

Besides Turkey Tail you may still find Puffballs, of coarse the most wonderful and king, Chaga that grows all year long, Lions Mane, Blewits, Late Fall Oysters, Conks, Beefsteaks and a few others, so keep hunting!!

Hope to see ya’ll at the remaining markets. It’s the best time of year to stock up on immune boosting mushroom teas and tinctures and keep healthy all winter long. Happy fall, enjoy the beauty that is our home!

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