February Newsletter

One month into the year and it’s off to a great start! February first saw me turn 42 years old with no signs of slowing down. I have been hard at work out foraging in the Blue Ridge Mountains and have had wonderful success. This year is seeing new connections as well, I have partnered with Mountain Sage in Hendersonville to carry tinctures and teabags, applied to do more tailgate markets this year, looking to do the LEAF festival again, confirmed a vending spot at the Floyd Herb festival in April, in Floyd, VA and continue to connect with fellow healers around our region. Though I have been stocking up pretty good on my outings, along the way I am also humbled by seeing Chaga that is just too far out of reach, I always appreciate and enjoy the hunt. Sometimes you have to stop and simply admire the ones that get away.

A beauty too high to gather

Besides Chaga, I have been gathering Turkey Tail and Birch Polypore mushrooms for tincture and tea making. These two mushrooms have similar benefits in boosting the immune system. Birch Polypore is also anti-septic and anti-fungal.

The Chaga hunt is always a special one this time of year. To me the winter is the season of Chaga and the cold weather mushrooms. I have plenty of tinctures brewing and ready to bottle soon. Everything is in stock! Along the lines of products, I will be discontinuing my Trifecta tinctures but keeping the Four Of A Kind going strong. I also have raised my prices a little for the first time ever, this is to cover sales tax, which is now included in the price. I hope everyone is healthy and happy out there!

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