COVID-19 Updates

First of all I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy! It’s important to follow recommendations from officials and keep yourself informed. I believe the products I forage and make medicine from are an important resource for people to keep their immune systems strong, I will say they are not a cure or a certainty to prevent this virus, they are all strong immune system boosters and do help fight off sickness.

A few notes on availability. I am currently out of Chaga powder but have plenty of the small chunks on hand. There is no difference between the powder and the chunks aside from preference. They are used the same.

I am also limiting orders to 2 lbs of Chaga at a time, this is to make it available to more people, demand has increased and I am working to keep up. My supply of tinctures is looking good as well as teabags.

I am currently out of dried Turkey Tail jars, I do have the teabags and tinctures of Turkey Tail.

I want to remind people that shipping is ongoing but has slowed down in some places, there may be delays in receiving your product. I will send tracking numbers on all orders. I have not had anyone not receive their orders but have had some get them a day or two late. I had one customer have to pick up their order at the post office as they wouldn’t deliver to their apartment complex. Please keep that in mind. I am grateful to the post office for doing the job they do and providing the service they do in keeping us connected.

You may receive communications and emails, phone calls, etc from my partner Jill Phoenix, she has been helping me quite a bit with staying organized and keeping the flow going.

Lastly my walks/tours have been postponed for now, I was hoping to begin walks in April but that may be delayed some. Unfortunately the Leaf festival has been moved to fall, the Floyd Herb fest is rescheduling and other events I was hoping and excited to be a part of are all changing dates. I will keep everyone informed with updates as to when my walks/tours will resume. I HOPE by summer when all the good mushrooms will be out!

As a reminder many people are overlooking the other immune boosters I offer such as Reishi, Turkey Tail, Maitake, Lions Mane and Usnea. All of these provide support to the respiratory system and help keep us healthy. I have various links on this page with information on each.

I really appreciate all of you!! I truly love the customers I interact with and sometimes never get to meet. I feel good about the work I do and it only drives my passion more. I can’t say enough about Chaga, Reishi, Turkey Tail, Maitake and others that help keep us healthy and strong. Now more than ever these kinds of natural medicines are so important in our fight against illness such as this terrible virus. I have been spending some more time than usual out foraging in many regions around the Appalachians making sure I have Chaga and other mushrooms in stock. If I or Jill don’t get get back to you right away, that’s why, but rest assured we will return your communication. Again let me say Thank you….

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