April Newsletter

It’s April and spring is all around us! This spring season is unlike any other, given the state of the world. It’s also a chance to be outside, strengthening your immune system with fresh air and exercise. Hiking these mountains is a way to unplug and connect to something meaningful, nature. Our minds are busy with worry and fear, rightfully so, and getting in the forest can be a way to ease all that, at least for a little while.

It’s also Morel season and every mushroom hunter is out looking for them. It took me a few years to get to know these little beauties. I had to learn their environment and what surroundings they liked best. They were literally the ghost mushrooms to me, due to how well they blend in with their surroundings. They share the same color of the dry leaves, perfectly camouflaged. However once you find a ‘honey hole’, you keep that secret forever, or until someone discovers it. They are here already and this month will see many wonderful finds. Hunting Morels is a fun challenge indeed. It is also on top of every mushroom enthusiasts list. A helpful hint is search old or new apple orchards, old stream beds and sunny sides of mountains. Morels love some Poplar trees as well. The Morel season doesn’t last long, about a month at most, so get out there. Good luck!

Another great find this month will be Ramps. These wild leeks are super potent in flavor. They are strong in the garlic department. You can pick them out by a red color at the base and their twin leaves on top. They have an onion like bulb below the surface. Ramps are popular in burgers and with eggs. Warning the smell may stick with you for awhile.

In product news, I will have a full stock of tinctures in just a weeks time. Tailgate markets are still open and I plan to vend a few here and there. Weaverville is starting on the first of April. I will give you up to date news on which ones I’ll be at as they start. In the mean time online ordering is best for people not in the Asheville area. For locals meetings can be arranged or delivered. I have been out in the forest foraging quite a bit and have plenty of Chaga! Stay safe and healthy y’all…

Weaverville market is from 2:30 to 5pm. Excepting Venmo, PayPal or Square payments only.

Lower Parking Lot Behind
West Funeral Home
17 Merrimon Ave, 28787

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