Protecting against COVID-19 with Medicinal Mushrooms

As the Corona virus continues to be all around us, with little signs of going away anytime soon, it’s brought a lot of awareness along with it. The awareness I’m talking about is prevention, things we can do to help build up our systems to gain strength and protection against viruses and giving the body the tools to recover quicker. I have known about the benefits of medicinal mushrooms for ten years now. I have studied, researched and continue to learn all the time about the many properties and effects they have in our bodies. Ever since I began to learn, I began to drink the teas, take the tinctures and consume these different medicinal mushrooms on a daily basis. What I’ve seen and felt has helped my everyday life considerably. For instance, having arthritis in both my knees and being an avid hiker, I don’t experience the swelling in my knees I did previously. I haven’t been sick from the common cold in years and have never had the flu. I experience a calm and focused mind more often. My energy levels have increased. My allergies to pollen have gotten way better. I simply feel healthier, happier and a feeling of strength and ease knowing I’m adding such goodness to my body. I recently got an email from a customer in New Haven, Connecticut who was positive for the Corona virus. She previously bought a Chaga tincture at a tailgate market, also drinking the tea from Chaga she got from a friend. As she went through the shortness of breathe, fever, and coughing, she used all natural methods to get well again. The Chaga was a part of the mix she used, along with vitamin C, Zinc, Pau D’Arco and other herbs. She also practiced deep meditation and yoga during her recovery. This was great news to hear that she was recovering from the virus and that the Chaga was one of the tools she used.

There has been endless medical research throughout our history on all sorts of drugs, cures and treatments. The research on medicinal mushrooms seems quite behind and relatively new in our country. In places like Eastern Europe and Asia much more research has been done and the use of medicinal mushrooms like Chaga, Reishi, Maitake, Lions Mane and Turkey Tail is much more widespread and revered. All of these mushrooms are safe and highly beneficial, they are medicines we should have knowledge of and be implementing in our daily lives regardless of this virus, the fact that it is here and present has brought more people to realize they need to have a defense other than simply washing your hands or covering your mouth (which is super important all the same). Cautions of coarse should be taken when taking anything, interactions with medications is always a concern, though these mushrooms don’t contain any toxic properties, checking with your doctor or medical professional is strongly encouraged.

During these times we are in now it’s important and critical to be filling up our heads with good, useful information on ways to protect ourselves, to build strong immune systems and find healthier, more natural alternatives. This is a conversation that isn’t coming from the main stream media or officials! We need more information at the top levels of how important it is to build our immune systems with natural medicines during a time when such contagious viruses are popping up. There are many plants that grow in our region that are useful to boost immunity, strengthen our lungs and contain anti-viral properties, such as Usnea and Mullen for example. Taking Vitamin C and Osha root are both super helpful as well. Getting outside in the sunshine and walking, biking or hiking are everyday things we can do.

I believe and have seen research to support the idea that using medicinal mushrooms and herbs is more effective if they are taken straight from the forest, in other words wild crafted. I also believe in supporting your local economy, supporting local herbalists, wild crafters and small companies that provide such products. Mushrooms and plants thrive best in their natural environments, they contain more nutrients and beneficial properties than those being grown from kits or other methods. I enjoy the foraging aspect just as much as the reward of helping people. Being in connection with the natural world is a huge part of my everyday existence and gaining the knowledge I have over time of habitats, seasons, identification and uses has brought me even closer to the earth and a much healthier lifestyle. I’ve added a few interesting articles/links below to check out:

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