The Good News Fall Update

I have a fresh round of tinctures made and ready to go out. To celebrate fall and the abundance it’s brought my way, I’m running a special on Maitake and Lions Mane tinctures. For the rest of this month if you buy a Maitake or Lions Mane tincture, 1oz or 2oz, I will add a mixed set of three teabags -1 Chaga, 1 Reishi and 1 Turkey Tail  for free. 

 While roaming around the forest this fall I have come across some nice Maitake, Lions Mane and Turkey Tail mushrooms. These make up a triple crown of medicinal goodness. 

Maitake, Hen of the Woods, or the dancing mushroom, as it’s known, typically grows at the base of Oak trees through the fall. It’s a harder mushroom to find as it is an expert at camouflaging itself among the brown leaves. Maitake is an important mushroom at this time in our world. One of it’s best benefits is that it helps fight off the flu. The flu season is upon us and mixed with the Corona virus, it’s that much more important to protect ourselves the best we can. Maitake also boosts the immune system, is rich in minerals, vitamins and amino acids, all things our bodies need.

Lions Mane mushroom grows throughout the fall, on all sorts of dead tree trunks, fallen branches or logs. It’s a toothed mushroom and not much else resembles this beauty. Lions Mane benefits include: improved cognitive function, memory and focus, studies are showing promise against Dementia and Alzheimer’s diseases. It helps heal nerve damage, relieve depression, protect against ulcers, reduces heart disease rate, boosts the immune system and may help fight cancer.

Turkey Tail or cloud mushroom, grows wildly abundant all fall long. You can find it on fallen or intact tree branches and trunks. Turkey Tail is a little medicinal powerhouse. Benefits include: aiding in digestion, full of anti-oxidants, combats HPV, boosts the immune system, fights cancer, especially breast cancer, is antibacterial and helps fight canine cancer.

Besides these three, fresh Reishi, Chaga, Usnea, and Four Of A Kind tinctures are being bottled. I have plenty of loose, dried Turkey Tail and Chaga on hand as well.

In more exciting news I have set up my website to take payments and do check out, so no more back and forth emailing, simply pick what you’d like and buy directly online. 

The last market of the year that I’ll be doing is next weekend 11/21 at Black Mountain Tailgate market from 9-12.

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  1. Kevin,
    I know I’ve probably asked you before, but I don’t remember what you said- I would like to buy several different kinds of dried mushrooms for my daughter for Christmas ( she lives in NM, so doesn’t have access to very many kinds of mushrooms)… you or would you consider selling me some of your dried shrooms?
    Nancy Fitpzatrick ( a loyal customer 😜)

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