2021! January Newsletter

Well done everyone, we made it! 2020 is behind us now and it’s a fresh start in the new year, 2021! I want to thank everybody for your support of my business, each of you has had a role in my success and doing what I do is a dream come true. I started this venture over ten years ago, learning, studying, foraging, work trading and going to school along the way. I believed in the mushrooms and their healing power. I was drawn to working with mushrooms right away and it quickly became a passion, something that hasn’t changed a bit to this day. I’m excited to begin identification walks again in the spring and meeting lots of new mycrophiles! This year has been exceptional in the mushroom realm of Western North Carolina. I discovered some new species to me, foraged a great deal of the medicinal and edibles I work with and taught several folks on my walks. I believe 2021 will be full of mushroom bounty and can’t wait to get back out in the spring. For now it’s Turkey Tail, Lions Mane and Chaga hunting all winter!

To welcome in the new year I’m running a special for the month on Chaga, buy any Chaga tincture, 1oz or 2oz and get a free set of Chaga teabags. Available in either double extracted alcohol or vegetable glycerin. All my products are wild crafted straight from the forest here in western North Carolina. Chaga is known as the king of medicinal mushrooms and also called the diamond of the forest. Chaga has a range of wonderful benefits for overall health. Chaga is Anti-Inflammatory which helps conditions such as arthritis, joint issues and digestion. Chaga is very high in Anti-Oxidants, showing higher content than any other food product, making it a superfood. It helps give you natural energy by boosting your immune system. Chaga is a Immune regulator. It is a cancer fighter, showing the ability to reduce the size tumors and slow tumor growth. It contains vitamins B, C and D, Zinc, Potassium, and Iron. Chaga tea or tincture along with doses of vitamin C has shown to be powerful for boosting the immune system and in turn is a good defense against Co-Vid, it is not a cure or preventive but could make a huge difference in the battle against the virus.

Blue Oysters

This year I plan to roll out some new products including Oyster mushroom tinctures, Oyster mushrooms contain polysaccharides which help boost your immune system, they also are great sources of niacin, riboflavin and pantothenic acid. Also Mullein tinctures, Mullein is traditionally used to improve lung function. As Co-Vid lingers all around us, these two medicinal tinctures will be a great additive to your routine. I’m also excited about offering tee shirts, stickers and reusable tote bags with my new logo on them this year. I also hope to expand some and get my products on more shelves. I’ll be out hitting the streets and talking to small shops that offer natural, health products such as the wonderful mushrooms I work with. Lastly in announcements in the new year, I’m looking to upscale my growing capabilities and start a subscription of fresh mushrooms to be available. I’m playing with idea of doing subscriptions for teas and tinctures as well, if your interested in having monthly or bimonthly orders of either of those please let me know.

Happiest of new years to all, 2021 will be better!!!

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