February News Letter

February is a special month for me as I was born on the first day. I’m 43 this year, even though I feel age creeping in inside my body, I still feel young in spirit. At the end of last month I left my ‘day’ job as a substance abuse counselor to pursue my passion and dream of putting full time and effort into my business and here I am doing just that. I’m so very thankful for my repeat and new customers alike, now more than ever.

As a thank you, all month long I’m offering a special of buy one get one free on 4 of a Kind tinctures, either size 1 oz or 2 oz. The 4 of a Kind is made up of Chaga, Reishi, Turkey Tail and Lions Mane in equal parts. ***The free one will not show in your cart, I will add it to your order when I ship or deliver it. Offer only good when ordering off this site.

For all Local deliveries I’m adding a $5 delivery fee going forward.

I continue to collect Chaga, Turkey Tail and Usnea throughout the winter. There’s a wonderful peace and silence to the winter, those things I enjoy most. I spend a lot of time hunting for mushrooms in the other seasons, I sometimes miss the beauty and appreciation of being out in the woods, so this time of year means slowing down, looking around and soaking up the crisp, cold, wintery beauty.

Winter is a great time to highlight Usnea, also known as old mans beard. Closely related to the mushroom family are the lichens. Usnea is wildly available anywhere in the forest. With snow on the ground and all the leaves missing, spotting Usnea is pretty easy, as it’s neon green color stands out. Old mans beard has many benefits and is a key herb at this time to help fight co-vid, as it is used to treat respiratory issues such as cough and congestion. It is also great for ridding yourself of the common cold, I’ve heard stories of people picking and eating it raw and almost instantly feeling better. I myself prefer to make a tea or take the tincture. Other benefits include anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, anti-fungal, immune boosting, and very beneficial against herpes, HIV and weakened immune systems. It can also help treat bleeding, headaches and female issues such as yeast or bacterial infections. It is certainly a magical little lichen. Look for it when your out wandering the forest, it can be dripping off tree branches or trunks or simply right at your feet on the forest floor. There is an old Cherokee tradition of only collecting Usnea off the ground or on downed branches, as then it has been freely offered by mother nature to you. I have double extracted tinctures and dried Usnea by the ounce or can make teabags on request.

Here’s a great article on Usnea:

Surprising Health Benefits of Usnea

In other exciting news my products have made their way into some new markets! I’m now on the High Country Food Hub in Boone, NC, Forager, based out of Maine, Boone Street Market in Jonesborough, TN and Patchwork Alliance, locally in Asheville.

Spring is only a few short months away and those lovely, little Morels are still hiding, soon to emerge! Until then, get out there and enjoy what’s left of the winter. A fun activity in our parts, can be to go for a walk on the Blue Ridge Parkway along the closed sections. I hope everyone stays healthy and strong.

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