March News

It looks like an in like a lion, out like a lamb situation this year. The snow has been plentiful, the cold days have been many and the winter continues on. With extra freedom in my work life, I’ve highly enjoyed getting out more into the forest. I also enjoyed picking loads of Turkey Tail and Usnea. I’ve been foraging for over a decade and the excitement and pure joy of finding mushrooms has not worn off. The vibrant colors, the smells, the many shapes and forms, it’s all so fulfilling, both to my soul but also as my work.

After a successful ASAP conference, I made some new contacts with some wonderful markets including Mother Earth Foods, Be Natural Market, Swamp Rabbit Cafe, Zadie’s Market and the AVL Box, also separately the Wagon Market. It’s all very exciting to be able to reach more people all around my region!!

It’s been great being a producer in the Patchwork Alliance, High Country Food Hub and Boone Street Markets! Being able to offer my products to more people , in new areas around WNC and beyond, is my goal for this year and it’s already underway. In this new world, many things have changed, the way we interact has been altered for sure. Online markets have been invaluable as a resource to get local products delivered to you or ready for pick up, convenient and safe.

I just can’t get enough of taking pictures and admiring Turkey Tail mushrooms!

It’s been a very wet, rainy, snowy winter and I predict it will be a very plentiful spring, summer and fall for the mushrooms! Stay healthy and safe out there everyone……..

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