April News

It’s many mushroom hunters favorite time of year, as the highly sought after, most popular, little fungi friends, the Morels appear. The first few years of mushroom hunting produced zero Morel finds for me and that wasn’t due to a lack of looking. As spring brings new color to the landscape, the left over fall and winter leaves remain. The brown color of those leaves makes for great camouflage for Morels. Some of the top secrets I can share about hunting Morels is patience, forest creeping (kneeling, laying down, slowly combing over an area) and of coarse it’s all in your timing. Morels love sunny hillsides, dried up and flowing stream beds alike, old and new apple orchards, Poplar forests, and dead Elm trees. It helps to follow others social media posts, and advice, it’s without a doubt that mushroom hunters love to share their excitement about their finds and many don’t mind sharing elevations, environments and such. After finding zero for the first few years, I was able to dial in some nice spots and now I enjoy Morels every spring! I might add I don’t sell any Morels unfortunately, it’s the one mushroom, when I find it, is just for me.

Tailgate market season starts this month! I will be doing the East Asheville market mostly this year, with various once a month markets in Black Mountain, Burnsville, Boone and possibly one in Tennessee. The first market for East Asheville is April 9th from 3-6 at 954 Tunnel rd. I will post on social media the week of the market I will be attending. The online markets are going strong and it’s easy and convenient. Check out Patchwork Alliance (Asheville), High Country Food Hub (Boone), and Market Wagon (Upstate SC). There’s some really great vendors that make amazing, local products on all of those sites. They offer delivery or convenient pick up!

This months special is Turkey Tail: 1/2 pound of shredded wildcrafted Turkey Tail mushroom for $40, that’s half off! It makes a great tea or tincture. Turkey Tail is great for improving digestive health, boosting the immune system, fighting various cancers, can be used in conjunction with chemo treatment as well, helps combat HPV, is safe for use with canine cancers, packed with anti-oxidants and fights fatigue.

Another early spring mushroom to be on the look out for these pretty things called Pheasant Backs. They grow on decaying stumps mostly, have a scent of cucumbers and taste great with scrambled eggs! They taste best when picked young and are still slightly spongy, as they mature they taste bitter. Pheasants have no gills, instead a white spongy bottom.

Lastly, it’s just one month away from restarting my walks! This year I’m taking only small groups of no more than 3 people, with possible exceptions. Simply contact me via email: blueridgechaga@gmail.com or by phone (828)423-3875 to arrange a walk. I have flexible availability so same day walks are possible but planning ahead is encouraged. Happy Morel hunting, feel free to share photos and locations.

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