May News

Welcome spring! I love the month of May for many reasons but especially for the flowers. As the last of the Morels appear and disappear this month, there seems to be a space of a few weeks before other wonderful mushrooms start fruiting. I’ve noticed Wood Ears, Pheasant Backs and Reishi babies growing. I enjoy getting on the trail and stopping to smell the flowers. There’s so many wild flowers popping out, fiddle heads, Bloodroots, May Apples, Golden Ragwort (pictured above) and on and on. This time of year reminds me of Alice in wonderland, as she danced around and sang in the flowers.

This month I have two new products coming! I have been wanting to work with Cordyceps for a long time and have been asked on occasion if I did, that said, I have double extracted and vegetable glycerin tinctures on the way! Cordyceps are amazing fungi that most often grow off dead insects. They have become popular to grow as well. Cordyceps have a range of wonderful benefits including: boosting energy, protecting heart health, regulating respiratory function, strengthens the immune system, improves libido, and anti-aging properties. I don’t know how I’ve not worked with these little medicinal powerhouses so far! The tinctures can be found in my shop.

My other product is a blend of Usnea and Birch Polypore. The collective benefits of these two included boosting the immune system, anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties, promoting a healthy microbiome and gastrointestinal system, improving respiratory and urinary health. This tincture will be available in double extraction form only. Our respiratory health is of the utmost importance these days and I’m happy to find new ways to help improve mine and yours as well.

I will be doing the King street market in Boone, on Tuesday, May 11th….East Asheville market Friday, May 14th and May28th ……and Yancey County market Saturday, May 22nd.

Lastly in honor of the growing Reishi in the forest, the monthly special is buy one get one free on dried, wild crafted Reishi pieces. So two ounces for $10.

Get out and enjoy the lovely spring weather while it lasts. I found my first Chicken of the Wood, which seems early but hey every year is different, so keep your eyes out. I’m excited to get walks started and we are getting closer, I’m thinking the last week of this month would be about right. Sign up on the home page to stay informed!

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