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Little Brown Mushrooms (LBMs)

Welcome to summer everybody! It’s been a slow start to the mushroom invasion, the rains have been far and few between, and the heat and dry conditions have kept the mushrooms at bay, for now. However there’s great excitement going into this month. Much of mushroom hunting is patience and persistence, which is something we learn from Morel hunting. Mushroom walks will be in full swing all month long, with a few exceptions during the month, so reach out and we can make a plan. Please note that if conditions have not been too wet, the chances of seeing a lot is reduced. I try to tell people to follow the rains, three days after a rain is prime time to go hunting. I’m compiling a list of emails of folks that are interested in a walk and as the rain comes, I’ll be reaching out to those people to schedule a walk, if you’d like to be on that list let me know. Walks are $40/person and last about an hour and a half, locations vary. Private residence walks are available as well, I come to you! Those walks are $50/hour.

Product update: I started Indian Pipe tincture in June, so tinctures will be ready around the middle of July. I always make limited batches of this special tincture, being extra careful not to over harvest. I have everything else in stock and planning to add a Mullein tincture to the list.

Mullein is a large plant with fuzzy leaves, that gets a huge shoot of yellow flowers straight out of the center of the plant. You often see it on hillsides or roadsides, it’s hard to miss! Mullein is known for it’s ability to repair the lungs, some people smoke the dried leaves, it can also be made into a tincture or drank as a tea. Both the leaves and the flowers are used. It helps keep inflammation away from the nose, throat and mouth, besides that Mullein is Anti-bacterial and Anti-viral. This is an important plat right now, especially since covid is a respiratory virus.

Besides Mullein, I’m adding Reishi half pounds. The dried Reishi is ground up. Half pounds will be $40. Look for it under my shop tab.

This months special is on Cordyceps tinctures: $10 off all tinctures, making 1oz tinctures $15 and 2oz tinctures $25 all month long! The discount will be automatically applied.

Markets this month: Special July 4th market at Trust General store and café in Spring Creek. This market runs from 11-4. Trust General is at 14535 NC 209 Hwy, just before Hot Springs.

East Asheville Tailgate market 7/9, 7/23 and 7/30

Burnsville/Yancey county Tailgate 7/17, 7/31

King Street Market-Boone 7/27

Here’s just a few of the mushrooms to be on the look out for this month and I say just a few because there will a lot more. This month should be one of the most exciting for a few reasons. One reason is because mushroom hunting takes patience, after the Morels leave there’s the gap before we start seeing the others, so the anticipation has been building. Although Morels are one of the tastier mushrooms, Chanterelles, Chickens, Oysters, Cauliflowers and more taste just as good to me and having a variety to cook up and get creative with is quite the reward. For me summer time is the best for teaching ID, as there is the most variety out there. Being able to teach the poisonous varieties along with milky, boletes and various other mushrooms makes learning a lot more in depth.

As we get out in the forest more it’s important to keep your eyes open for more than just mushies! There’s always a good chance to run into black bears, although they look like they’d be fun to hug, it’s best to stay away. I’ve ran into two so far this year on the trail and it’s scary but being calm and slowly backing up and walking away is a good strategy, don’t run, the other is to get big and make a lot of noise. Be safe and welcome to the summer.

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