October News

The colors of fall are already popping out all over the forest floor as the many fall mushrooms have ben arriving. Two of my absolute favorites are among us, Lions Mane and Maitake, the trick is finding them! Besides those two you can find Honeys, Beefsteaks, Cauliflowers, Blewits, Puffballs, Turkey Tails, Shrimps, Chickens, Bears Head Tooths, and Corals, you may even still find some Chanterlles surprisingly, Milkies, and Boletes still hanging around. This month I’ll only be doing a limited number of walks, but there’s still time to get in on one. I’ve had a great time teaching this year and grateful for all those who joined me so far!

Markets: I’ll be announcing week by week the markets I’ll be attending through social media, so keep an eye on that if you want to catch me at the markets. This is the last month before market season ends! East Asheville Tailgate, Yancey County Tailgate and Lester Market.

Monthly Special: **Starts October 1st: This months special is $10 off all Lions Mane tinctures. Lions Mane is an amazingly medicinal mushroom, it helps improve memory and focus, regenerates brain cells, improves heart health, helps fight anxiety an depression, speeds up recovery of nervous system injuries, protects against ulcers, boosts the immune system, helps manage diabetes, anti-inflammatory and has shown promise in fighting cancer! Anything else you ask, well it also tastes great if you can find a fresh one up in the trees.

New products: I’m working on some new things! I’ve teamed up with Otherside Hemp Company here in Leicester and I’m creating a few new tinctures. I’m blending together their wonderful hemp flower with Chaga and also Cordyceps. I’m excited to mix the healing powers of CBD with mushrooms. I believe they compliment each other in all the good ways! These will be ready in about a month, so stay tuned.

With the mushroom season winding down, this month will be the last of the abundance, so get out there and enjoy some of the wonderful fall mushrooms while they last. The last of the heat will be leaving us soon, making way for the brisk autumn walks in the woods and I can’t wait. The photos above are some of the goodness growing out there currently. The Shrimps are plentiful this year and really one of the first years I’ve really enjoyed them, for many years I passed over these beauties but have since come to enjoy them a lot! Here’s a great article on cooking and preserving them: https://foragerchef.com/entoloma-abortivum-aborted-entoloma-mushroom/

I want to leave you this month with the notion that, mushroom hunting is fun and brings us into a mindful state while walking in the woods, with that we are exposed to all the wonders of nature, plants, animals, insects, trees, flowers, moss, and so much more! It’s a wonderful to practice while mushroom hunting to stop and apricate all the beauty that is around you.

A lotus I found while kayaking on my trip

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