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November is a great time to reflect on the year that’s been, to sit by a fire, to break out the long sleeves and of coarse to wander in the woods. As the mushroom season comes to a close for some, for me it’s a time to collect Turkey Tail, Usnea, and go Chaga hunting. It’s also a time to stock up on inventory, medicine making and doing quite winter hikes. My walks for the year are finished and it has been wonderful, I got in several home visits and had some amazing groups join me locally. I’ve been spending some time lately collaborating with some local folks and trying out new product ideas with great success! I’m always open to a good session of brain storming, farm visits, and discussion of how mushrooms can be intertwined with other herbs or food, so if you care to discuss an idea let me know.

Monthly Special: This month I’m spotlighting Turkey Tail! All Turkey Tail tinctures will be $10 off, teabags $5 off, and $20 half pounds, plus a discount if ordering a whole pound! Turkey Tail is one of the most medicinal mushrooms out there. It has proven itself as a cancer fighter, especially breast cancer. It’s used for immune boosting, keeping the gut flora healthy and aids in digestion. Turkey Tail fights HPV, can be helpful for canine health, improves kidney function and has anti-inflammatory properties.

Markets: I’m hoping to do a few markets this month. The Lester market in Leicester will continue through the month on Wednesdays 3:30-6:30 and also the Black Mountain market will go through November 20th, I’m planning to do one or two of those.

Introducing Chaga Magic! This skin care Shea butter is made from Shea butter, Chaga extract, tocopherol, essential oils of fennel, pine, star anise, rosemary and Adaptiv™ by Doterra. You won’t find this product in my shop here, so contacting me is the best way to get it, or visit her website below.

This amazing mix is created by my friend Sara at

Here’s two great articles to check out:

So what’s going to be left out there this month. I honestly believe it’s hard to say! The extended warm weather has left many species still growing when in other years they’d be done. As every year is different, so goes the mushroom seasons. I’ve seen some varieties such as Boletes and Milkies hang around extra long this year, so my conclusion is let the surprise be the reward! Keep looking into this month for the fall varieties such as Chickens, Hens and Honeys. Some mushrooms that thrive out here normally this month are Birch Polypore, a wonderfully medicinal mushroom that grows on Birch trees, I use this in a tincture paired with Usnea, something else you’ll see all winter. Late fall Oysters, with a slightly brown color. Of coarse Chaga, which grows all year round and Turkey Tail, the same. Less known and harder to identify are the Enoki, Brick Tops and Blewits, it’s best to simply admire these until you get a good dose of knowledge around them, especially Enoki, as it has a very close look alike the deadly Gallerina! There may also be Wood Ears and other jelly family mushrooms out. Last on the list is the Resinous Polypore, also known as steak of the wood! It’s the last two pictures below. This mushroom looks somewhat like Reishi but is a deep brown on the cap. This is a great edible growing this month, just last year I really got into cooking these up and found them to be delightful!

I leave you this month with the notion that fall is a special time to be in the forest. Stop to smell and admire the falling leaves, as the trees go bare, enjoy the brilliant changing colors, throw on an extra layer and embrace the cooler climate and give thanks, for your loved ones, friends, and in reflection for all the earth has provided for you this year!

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