December News

December is a time to welcome in the winter, the refreshingly cold air, and a time to pick Turkey Tail mushrooms and forage the diamond of the forest, Chaga. Both of these medicinal mushrooms are important this time of year, as colds and flu are more present around us. The warm tea can be soothing and often times people create blends of these two together, also adding Reishi and other herbs, letting them simmer throughout the day in a large crock pot. Mushroom soups are another wonderfully medicinal meal in the colder days, throwing in Chaga, Reishi, Turkey Tail or Maitake is a great way to get some wonderful benefits.

This Months Special: Given it’s Chaga season, all Chaga products will be discounted.

$5 off Chaga teabags, $10 off Chaga tinctures, $10 off Chaga pounds, $5 off Chaga half pounds, $5 off mason jars.

New Product: I’m happy to introduce a new product to my line. CBD/Chaga double extracted tincture! A complimentary blend of wild crafted Chaga that I foraged myself and hemp flower provided by Other Side Hemp Company, my neighbor near by in Leicester, NC. CBD and Chaga share anti-inflammatory and cancer fighting properties, along with anti-oxidant, reduced anxiety, pain relief, and immune system regulation. Available now!!

This months markets:

I will be at Mars Hill Holiday markets on December 4th nd 18th. It goes from 10-1 and happens on college street in Mars Hill, NC.

Also the Uncommon holiday Market December 11th and 12th happening at AB Tech Mission Health conference center from 10-4pm.

Chaga is the mushroom that started it all for me. I found it unusual, a top medicinal and fun to forage. I have learned over the years to treat it with great respect, by being sustainable in my harvesting methods especially. What this can look like is leaving 25-30% in the tree to regenerate, foraging in regions where Chaga is more abundant and not collecting more than is needed. Chaga is unique as it is a very slow grower and takes many years to mature, harvesting it too young or small is not beneficial or sustainable. Chaga eventually leads to the trees death, however seems to effect mostly already dying trees. Much like they say the cure looks like the disease, Chaga has anti-tumor effects, helping to shrink cancerous tumors, such it looks like and acts like a tumor on the tree. Chaga is known to be the king of medicinal mushrooms, providing immune system regulation, natural energy, anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties, is great for keeping skin healthy, adding pigment and protecting against UV rays, it can also help prevent wrinkles. I added the Chaga magic shea butter product to my shop so you can now order it through this site.

I wish you all a very merry holiday season, stay healthy and warm out there!! It’s a time to be grateful, for blessings in our lives, family, friends, random acts of kindness and a time of giving and sharing. I had a wonderful thanksgiving with my family down in siesta key, Florida, I even made a wild mushroom gravy! I am feeling refreshed and connected, ready to go into the forest for the winter foraging ahead. I apricated the sunsets down there very much, I’ll leave you with this one….

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