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A very merry and happy new year to all, 2022!! I’ve been busy the last few months out foraging Chaga, Turkey Tail and Birch Polypore, some of which shall be made into wonderful medicine over the next three months, while the rest will be dried and stored. The beginning of a new year has me reflecting on the one gone by and in the world of mushrooms, it was a great year once again. I was overjoyed to create some new products and work with some other local makers in collaboration and community! 2022 has me excited to continue to do more of the same, with the goal to join new markets, appear in more shops and teach more folks about the wonderful world of fungi.

One of the new products I’ll be rolling out this year is a Shiitake mushroom tincture. Shiitake has a long history as a medicinal mushroom, revered and used in Japan and China for centuries. It’s believed the spores spread from China throughout Asia long ago, carried on the typhoon winds. It’s considered an aphrodisiac and is a symbol of youthfulness and virility in Chinese culture. Of coarse they are a wonderful edible but taken as a medicine Shiitake offer the benefits of activating the immune system, supporting heart health, providing energy, fighting cancer cells, reducing mucous and supporting blood flow. I have long wanted to grow these beauties and finally I’m starting small with two logs, enough to make some medicine and maybe eat a few from time to time. You can find already inoculated logs for sale from various local sources.

Monthly Special: To bring in the new year, I’d like to celebrate the big four, Chaga, Reishi, Turkey Tail and Lions Mane! All 4 of a kind tinctures will be $10 off. 1oz tinctures will be $15 and 2oz tinctures $25.

Growing now in a forest near you just might be Birch Polypore and Turkey Tail mushrooms. The Birch Polypore can be found mainly on Birch trees and have no look a likes. Turkey Tail can be found pretty much on any type of dying trees, they tend to be found on downed branches, stumps and decaying logs. The more I learn about Birch Polypore, the more I’m excited about it. It is the mushroom used to make hats, made famous by Paul Stamets and available on his website. It can used in making fires and was one of the mushrooms found on Otzi, the iceman found in the alps in the ’90’s. It’s believed he used it for fire and also for his intestinal health and treating abdominal pain. Besides those things it shows anti-tumor and anti-inflammatory properties, and is a natural laxative. It can used in tinctures and teas. Coming in February I will have more Birch Polypore and Usnea tinctures available.

Thank you everyone for a great year and supporting my small business!! I am truly grateful to you all!! I hope everyone has a healthy and joyous start to 2022!

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  1. So grateful for you Kevin! May God continue to bless & keep you!
    Beverly & Marvin Gardner

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