February News

It’s my birth-day month! To celebrate I’m heading out of town for the coast, making my way to Holden beach and some needed time out of town to relax and mark my 44th year of life. This winter has brought lots of reflection, times of needed change and adventures foraging winter mushrooms. I’ve been spending time learning more about growing mushrooms at home, making new products, taking workshops on growing my small business and doing some art. As I turn forty four, I am grateful for where my journey has brought me, diving further into my passion of learning as much as I can about the natural world and sharing that knowledge. I’m grateful to do what I love everyday and grateful to all the people that support me along the way!

Monthly Special: For this month the special is on Indian Pipe tinctures. 1oz tinctures will be $15 and 2oz tinctures will be $25.

Also known as ghost pipe, Monotropa uniflora, is actually a wild flower that feeds off mushrooms and can’t exist without them, making for a wonderful collaboration. Indian Pipe is a sedative, helping with sleep, as well as a pain reliver, both physical and emotional pain, it also helps relieve migraine headaches. The latin name for this plants means, ‘one turn, one flower’, and the ghost pipe comes from it’s appearance, the petals are translucent and it has a ghostly look on the forest floor. To me Indian Pipe is as special as it comes and should be treated with care and reverence when harvested. Listed as rare by some sources, it’s important to not over harvest these beauties. Taking one or two from a larger cluster is a good practice. Indian Pipe is also a strong medicine and should be taken as so, small amounts to start with and with less frequency then most tinctures. Another helpful tip is only forage them when they are drooped over, looking like a pipe, once they stand straight up the medicinal goodness is gone. When tinctured they go from white to a deep purplish/black color and the taste is something like a mocha.

I love this folk lore about it: http://backwoodsadventures.org/blog/2017/9/7/indian-pipe-legend

I’ve shared this article before but I want to repeat it: https://wisdomoftheplantdevas.com/2019/10/04/ghost-pipe-a-hauntingly-rare-plant-for-physical-and-emotional-pain/

Coming this month and ready in about a weeks time is a new product, Shiitake double extracted tincture. Shiitake has been used for hundreds of years and is one of the most cultivated and popular types of mushrooms to eat. As medicine, Shiitake fights obesity and helps with weight loss, supports immune function, kills cancer cells, contains antimicrobial properties and boosts energy and brain function! Back in stock is my Usnea and also the combo Usnea/Birch Polypore double extracted tinctures and I’ll be adding Birch Polypore by itself also. Another new product I added to my shop and ready to order is Cordyceps/CBD combo, the CBD was provided locally by Other side Hemp Company in Leicester, NC, this will be in a double extracted tincture! So stay connected if your interested.

Lastly I was featured on Foraged website! I was asked to write about Chaga and was more than happy to do just that. Foraged is a great site for wild foraged mushrooms around the country, you can find my products there also.

I hope everyone is staying safe and staying healthy out there! Happy February to you all!

My dog Luna loving the snow (:

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