June News

June is upon us and I can’t help but feel this year is moving along quite quickly. I think that’s because the mushrooms are arriving earlier than last year. Reishi is much earlier than last season and seems to be much more abundant as well. I’ve also noticed several other mushrooms that are popping out that are usually summer varieties! All signs point to an exceptional year this year! Later this month I will get mushroom tours under way, I’ve already had lots of interest and will start arranging some walks very soon, feel free to email me and we can get some dates in the books.


East Asheville: https://www.eastashevillemarket.com/ Fridays 3-6 All month

Weaverville: https://weavervillemarket.com/ Wedensdays 3-6 I’ll be there 6/14 and 6/21

Yancey County/Burnsville: Saturdays 8:30-12:30 6/3. 6/10 and 6/17

Black Mountain: https://www.exploreasheville.com/listings/black-mountain-tailgate-market/15749/ Saturdays 9-12 I’ll be there 6/27 only.

It’s back! The rerelease of chaga lager is happening Thursday, June 22nd from 3-6 at Whaley farm brewery-178 Catawba Ave in Old Fort. Myself, along with some great vendors will be celebrating the event. Come by and say hi and try a true wild crafted brew!

I’m excited to link up with Adventure Hounds AVL: https://www.adventurehoundsavl.com/ Mushrooms like Turkey Tail are not only great for us but also for our pets. Keep an eye out for some new treats made with love and Turkey Tail foraged from yours truly. You can find her products online or follow Adventure hounds on instagram to find out what markets she is doing weekly!

Monthly Special: This month Mullein will be $10 off tinctures. Mullein is a large, fuzzy plant that often grows on hillsides in abundance. A large flower stalk shoots out from the middle, full of yellow flowers. Mullein is a plant that is great for our respiratory system, it helps sooth the lungs and slow coughs, it helps fight viral infections, is antibacterial, may help aid tuberculosis treatment, improve digestion and help headaches.

With things popping out early, this month should be a great one on the mushroom hunt. Chicken of the wood has already been out and growing abundantly. Chanterlles should start this month and I expect it’ll be another stellar year for these beauties. Pheasant back mushrooms have also shown up in force, the design on the caps is one of my favorites, they smell like cucumbers and taste great when young, these are also a polypore. The berkleys polypore are edible when young as pictured and get tough as they fan out. The painted boletes are a good edible, they are very distinct in their red and yellow coloring and also have no gills but pores on the underside. Lastly indian pipe is on the scene early as well. These little beauties feed off mushrooms and their petals are completely translucent. Taking only a few from big clusters is the best way to sustainably harvest these medicinal wild flowers. These are just a few of what you should expect to see this month! As my tours begin, I’m excited to see what else we can find in the forest in June.

Pink Lady Slipper

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