July News

July…the first full month of summer. This is the best time of year here in the blue ridge mountains. The forage is on! For the next months, straight into winter, I’ll be in the woods almost everyday and if your looking for mushrooms, you might do the same.

Markets: East Asheville-Fridays 3-6 at 954 Tunnel rd…..I’ll be there 7/7, 7/14 and 7/21

Burnsville/Yancey County: Saturdays 8:30-12:30 downtown Burnsville…7/1, 7/15 and 7/22

Black Mountain: Saturdays 9-12 at 130 Montreat rd…..7/8 only

Weaverville: Wednesdays 3-6 at Weaverville community center…..7/5 and 7/19

Monthly Special: This month will be $10 off Indian Pipe tinctures. Indian pipe/ghost pipe is a special wild flower that has a relationship with mushrooms, in that they gain their nutrients fungi. Foraging for these little beauties is to be done carefully, only taking a few from each cluster you come across. The medicine they produce is considered potent and it’s best to start small and not take large amounts at once. Indian pipe benefits include: pain relief, helps sleep and is a sedative, improves migraine headaches, has a calming effect.

Back again is Chaga Magic shea butter!! Chaga is not only great for us internally but externally as well, on our skin. Chaga provides antioxidant properties, UV protection, helps improve skin conditions such as eczema, protects our DNA and adds melanin/pigment to our skin. This blend contains chaga, vitamin E, wild grape seed oil, extracts of fennel, pine, star anise and rosemary. Find in my shop, $20.

Mushroom walks are back and this month is prime time. Many mushrooms will be out and ready for the finding. Walks are $50/person, kids are half price. Walks are arranged by way of email or text, text seems easier and faster. I also post on social media when they might happen. I do not have a set schedule, so most are arranged a few days prior, if your visiting or have certain days/times you can only do, that can arranged as well. Of coarse weather is a factor, if it’s bad weather walks may be cancelled, if it’s been super dry then we wait for the rain. I typically like to arrange no more than 6-7 people at a time. I also do home visits, to walk your property those cost $60/hour.

July is prime time out in the forest, with loads of mushrooms popping out this month! Pictured above is just a taste of what we’ll see, from top to bottom: old man of the woods, lobsters, beef steak (can be eaten raw), amanita (poison), shrimp russula, chicken and cauliflower, leatherback milky, shaggy stalked bolete, black trumpets and chanterelles. I love the range of colors in the summer mushrooms, the different tastes, textures and shapes of each. Being in such a diverse environment here in Appalachia is truly a blessing, however many of these species grow all along the east coast and some on the west coast. I highly advise learning mushroom identification in person, seek out teachers and clubs locally, there’s no better way than hands on! Happy summer y’all and happy foraging….

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