October News

Saying good bye to summer can be hard, but the fall set of mushrooms make the transition a bit easier! Three of my favorite wild edible mushrooms are out and about, shrimp of the woods (pictured above), lions mane and hen of the wood. It’s also the prettiest season with the changing colors, falling leaves and perfect weather. My tours have ended for the season but I encourage folks to follow my adventures on social media and be out looking for yourself for what’s in the forest this month. We are also moving into the end of regular season tailgate market season and into holiday and winter markets. Come out and support all of us small businesses and get some amazing local goodness while you can!

Markets: East Asheville Tailgate: Fridays 3-6, I’ll be there every week except 10/20

Burnsville/Yancey county: Saturdays 8:30-12:30, I’ll be there every week except 10/21

New Product/Monthly Special: Introducing the Cauliflower/Sparassis tincture! You may know you can eat the cauliflower mushroom but you can also use it in a medicinal way. The Sparassis has a host of benefits including: Antioxidant, Antifungal and Anticancer/tumor properties. Also helps with weight loss and may help prevent strokes. All month the new tincture will be $10 off, available in 2oz size only.

Some of what you’ll see this month in the forest. From top to bottom–Lions Mane, Bears head tooth, Beefsteak, Cauliflower, Chicken of the wood, Oysters, Shrimp of the wood, Golden Reishi, Puffball, Maitake/Hens, and Honey mushrooms. All of these are edible except the golden Reishi which is medicinal. The clock is ticking on the mushroom year, so get out there and check out what’s left of the abundance! Happy harvest, happy fall y’all.

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