Chaga- The King of Medicinal Mushrooms

Welcome to Blue Ridge Chaga Connection! I offer a wide variety of locally foraged Chaga and other medicinal mushrooms from my home in Asheville, North Carolina, part of the Blue Ridge and Appalachian mountain ranges. Using 100% sustainable methods of foraging, processing and packaging. In this page you’ll find a range of Chaga products along with other wonderful mushrooms such as Reishi, Turkey Tail, Lions mane and when in season fresh Chicken of the wood, Chanterelle, Milk Cap, and other edible mushrooms. I also lead mushroom and plant ID tours in the Blue Ridge mountains covering a wide range of medicinal and edible mushrooms and plants that grow in this most diverse region of the world. I love to share the knowledge I have gained over the years, in the tradition of our ancestors and Native cultures that existed before us. All my products come straight from the natural forest, 100% wild crafted.