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All products are subject to in stock availability. All products are wild harvested.

Chaga Products:   By the pound

Small chunks:

1/2 lb- $35

1 lb-$50

Mason Jar $25

Pre-made Tea bags

4 for $15

*Each teabag makes 2-3 quarts of tea and can be used 3 times before discarding.

Tinctures:  1 oz – $25     

2 oz- $35 

(Double Extraction Alcohol or Vegetable Glycerin available)

Reishi Products:  Whole mason jar full $25

Pre-made tea bags:

4 for $15 – Each teach bag makes 1 quart of tea.

Tinctures: 1 oz $25 

2 oz-$35     

(Double Extraction Alcohol or Vegetable Glycerin available)

Turkey Tail: (when in stock) Whole mushroom or shredded $25 mason jar full

Small mason jars of whole or shredded mushroom $20

Premade teabags:

4 for $15- Each teabag makes 1 quart of tea.

Various Tinctures:

1 oz-$25


Turkey Tail , Lions ManeIndian Pipe , Usnea,  (Double Extraction Alcohol or Vegetable Glycerin available)

Maitake**(only available in Double Extraction alcohol)**

1oz- $25 2oz- $35

Four of a kind– Chaga, Reishi, Turkey Tail and Lions Mane

1 oz/$25 2 oz/$35

(Double Extraction Alcohol or Vegetable glycerin available)

Fresh Mushrooms: (Subject to seasonal availability)  1/2 pounds $7.50  1 lb  $15

Homegrown: Blue and Pink Oysters

Wild Varieties: Chicken Of The Wood—Golden Chanterelles—Leatherback Milk Caps—Hen Of The Wood—Lions Mane—Oysters–Honey Mushrooms—Lobsters