Jenn Rees- Black Mountain, NC

I’d like to share my incredibly positive experience with Blue Ridge Chaga Connection. I have been enjoying shitakes for many years because of their taste and medicinal qualities, but one day last year I walked by Kevin’s table at the Black Mountain Farmers Market and saw an amazing mushroom the likes of which I’d never seen. He explained it was a Chaga mushroom, and that they grow in the higher elevations around here. At the time, he was selling tea from the mushroom so I decided to try it. Admittedly I was hesitant because I find the taste of kombucha tea abhorrent, but Chaga was wonderful! I added a little ginger and lemon and it made a delicious tea that tasted very much like any other unsweetened iced tea. If like sweet tea just add local honey. But instead of just the thirst quenching of regular tea, I was also getting the benefits of this super food’s ability to fight cancer, inflammation, cholesterol and aging. As someone who blew out the candles on her 40th birthday cake many years ago, that matters. I continue to go see Kevin for this medicinal mushroom tea and now am enjoying his wonderful tinctures from other mushrooms. I highly recommend the Lion’s Mane which is great for brain function (a concern as I age and maintain a will to never be on any medications). It tastes surprisingly nice not unlike truffles. I also started the incredible Reishi tincture. I work for a hyper-growth hi-tech start up and my day is in front of a computer and is long and stressful. The wonderful Reishi helps with fatique, and also has all the anti-cancer properties one expects from medicinal mushrooms. In addition it also has been incredible for calming the stress of my job with effects that are noticeable. At breakfast and lunch I have a portion of a dropper of Reishi and then again at the end of the day. I’m calm in the evenings instead of tired and stressed and I can think more clearly thanks to the Lion’s Mane. My immune system is ramping up to fight a cold winter and I’ve never slept as well in my life. And it’s all natural, which fits my no-meds lifestyle. I could not be more grateful to Kevin for his kindness and willingness to openly share all of his wisdom about these incredible mushrooms and what they can do for our health. You can think of it any way you want but I like to think of it as God’s pharmacy. I feel great, better every day. Thank you Kevin. I am grateful to have met you and will be a customer for the rest of my long, healthy life! – Jen Rees, Black Mountain NC

Jordan Collis-(Atlanta, GA)

“The Chaga Mushroom Tea was a complete lifesaver for me. I’m very big into homeopathy and ayurveda and don’t get sick very often, but after sleeping outside for a few nights in the mountains, I came down with a sore throat and began to lose my voice. We found Kevin at a farmer’s market and he was so very knowledgeable and kind and recommended the chaga mushroom tea. It was reasonably priced, especially since the bags could be used more than once, and tasted pretty good too! My laryngitis subsided in less than a week and it typically lasts 2+. So grateful that we stumbled across this shop and I definitely recommend everyone stock up before flu season!”

Lucas Nicholson (Snow Camp, NC)

Buying WILD Chaga from Blue Ridge Chaga Connection was a breeze and shipped fast! Bought friday and received the following Monday. Kevin is knowledgeable and was very helpful with many questions I had. He will be my go-to guy in the future. Thanks Kevin! 

Susie Taylor (Asheville)

“The mushroom/plant ID walk was terrific! The guidance of plant identification, uses and and cautions was very useful.  The take-home of mushrooms was beyond expectation. Thank you SO much for answering many questions.  Especially, thank you for being so humbly patient with such a greenhorn. I would definitely recommend this learning experience.”

Susie Taylor (Asheville)

A first meal using delicious, locally foraged Chanterelles, thru Blue Ridge Chaga Connection, has peaked my interest in identifying mushroom varieties during hikes.  Thank you Kevin for offering guided Mushroom/Plant Identification walks thru your website.  I have booked a Guided Walk and look forward to learning about and using new (to me) mushrooms and plants in my kitchen.

Rich Schaffer (Asheville)

I went on a great mushroom walk with Kevin yesterday! Not only does he have a wealth of mushroom knowledge to share, he’s also just very enjoyable to be around. We had a nice hike and found many varieties of mushrooms. Kevin also educated us on multiple medicinal plant species and foraging techniques. If you enjoy mushrooms, foraging, or just exploring and learning more about the world around you, join Kevin for one of his walks soon!

Jill Spindler (Black Mountain)

Kevin’s mushroom walk was incredibly educational – as well as pleasant and fun. (Even for my 2- and 10-year old co-adventurers!) Kevin has loads of woodland info and identified a lot of plants that I’ve often seen on hikes and wondered about, but didn’t know. He shared not just plant names, but also medicinal uses and culinary tips. Thank you Kevin for being a great guide and sharing your knowledge of the woods!

James Cameron (Black Mountain)

My wife and I took an evening mushroom and plant ID hike with Blue Ridge Chaga Connection during mid- June. We had a great time learning from Kevin, who is knowledgeable and patient. He’s an excellent educator and can quickly switch from addressing amateurs to enthusiasts. Kevin helped us located and harvest several edible and medicinal types and sent everyone home with a share of the bounty. This would be a fantastic way to spend a few hours of a family vacation or, as we did, gain some experience foraging for wild foods.

Todd Chapman (Lenior)

Todd Chapma
n- (Lenior)

I highly recommend Blue ridge chaga connection Kevin is a great teacher and has wonderful personality so if anyone is wanting to learn more about plants and mushrooms blue ridge chaga connection is the place to go My grandson and me had a great time thanks again.

Meredith Weaver (Asheville- Massage Therapist)

Kevin is one of the kindest humans I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting. He’s lucky enough to have found a calling that combines two special things that one can immediately tell is very close to his heart. Nature and mushrooms. On top of that, he’s figured out how to make it accessible. If you’re lucky enough to go foraging with him, you can see he moves with intention, a light foot on ‘ole mother earth, and never just takes. He works with a combined effort of skill, deep-rooted knowledge of edible fungi, and respect. Because of that, I am in gratitude for the product he delivers. Sometimes, it’s edible mushrooms for cookin’ and just recently he introduced me to Chaga. With his guidance, brewing the tea was made easy. Delivering, an alternative to my ole’ southern go-to summertime sweet tea. I learned, infusing it with a lil’ garden mint made it super tasty! Given the added medicinal benefits, this will definitely be a staple in the home. Thank you so much Kevin!!!