Jill Love Phoenix (Asheville)

“Since Kevin introduced me to Chaga over two years ago, I have drank about a quart or so, almost every day. I have suffered from digestive disorders my entire life as well as inflammation in my skin and cystic acne, all related to food intolerances. Since I have added Chaga into my daily routine, I have experienced less inflammation in my abdomen and have only had one cystic zit in the last year! I had previously experienced multiple cystic “Zits” every month for the last decade or so, which had left scars on my face. I have had dramatic improvements even with the scarring. My digestive system has greatly improved since adding both tea and tinctures to my regiment of supplements and my diet. I used to get the “low blood sugar blues” as well, and have felt my system leveling out and no longer experience the “shakes” associated with uneven blood sugar. I have also been involved in 9 car accidents in the last 25 years, 7 where I experienced whiplash and have suffered from headaches and neck pain. I can honestly say that headaches are non existent and with the addition of a yoga practice, I don’t have neck pain anymore either. I have heard Kevin’s presentations on Chaga and the list of benefits are incredible. He has joked and said that Chaga is good for everything, but after doing my own research, I think he is right! This is an incredible and healing food and the best addition to my diet and health regiment.”