Kate Highsmith (Asheville)

“I love my Chaga. I use it to make tea and tinctures. My husband and I both swear by it. There have been an increasing number of studies pointing to the benefits of these and other Mushrooms in improving the immune system, fighting cancer, and decreasing inflammation, among others. Kevin gives a great, easy to follow tea recipe with his Chaga. I still haven’t tried all of the delicious add ins, like lemon and mint(maybe when it starts popping up in the garden). And the tincture lasts forever- I put a dropperful in my water every morning. I was on the brink of getting sick a few times this winter, but after drinking a lot of tea (along with rest and water), I was able to fight every cold off before it was full blown. Plus, I like the taste way more than Reishi Tea (I do still drink that, too, but it’s a struggle) Kevin’s Chaga is fresh, ethically foraged, and beautiful. Plus, he’s super knowledgeable and taught me some cool things about mushrooms. (Everything about Mushrooms is cool, especially Chaga)”