Meredith Weaver (Asheville- Massage Therapist)

Kevin is one of the kindest humans I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting. He’s lucky enough to have found a calling that combines two special things that one can immediately tell is very close to his heart. Nature and mushrooms. On top of that, he’s figured out how to make it accessible. If you’re lucky enough to go foraging with him, you can see he moves with intention, a light foot on ‘ole mother earth, and never just takes. He works with a combined effort of skill, deep-rooted knowledge of edible fungi, and respect. Because of that, I am in gratitude for the product he delivers. Sometimes, it’s edible mushrooms for cookin’ and just recently he introduced me to Chaga. With his guidance, brewing the tea was made easy. Delivering, an alternative to my ole’ southern go-to summertime sweet tea. I learned, infusing it with a lil’ garden mint made it super tasty! Given the added medicinal benefits, this will definitely be a staple in the home. Thank you so much Kevin!!!