Rich Schaffer (Asheville)

I went on a great mushroom walk with Kevin yesterday! Not only does he have a wealth of mushroom knowledge to share, he’s also just very enjoyable to be around. We had a nice hike and found many varieties of mushrooms. Kevin also educated us on multiple medicinal plant species and foraging techniques. If you enjoy mushrooms, foraging, or just exploring and learning more about the world around you, join Kevin for one of his walks soon!

Jill Spindler (Black Mountain)

Kevin’s mushroom walk was incredibly educational – as well as pleasant and fun. (Even for my 2- and 10-year old co-adventurers!) Kevin has loads of woodland info and identified a lot of plants that I’ve often seen on hikes and wondered about, but didn’t know. He shared not just plant names, but also medicinal uses and culinary tips. Thank you Kevin for being a great guide and sharing your knowledge of the woods!

James Cameron (Black Mountain)

My wife and I took an evening mushroom and plant ID hike with Blue Ridge Chaga Connection during mid- June. We had a great time learning from Kevin, who is knowledgeable and patient. He’s an excellent educator and can quickly switch from addressing amateurs to enthusiasts. Kevin helped us located and harvest several edible and medicinal types and sent everyone home with a share of the bounty. This would be a fantastic way to spend a few hours of a family vacation or, as we did, gain some experience foraging for wild foods.

Todd Chapman (Lenior)

Todd Chapma
n- (Lenior)

I highly recommend Blue ridge chaga connection Kevin is a great teacher and has wonderful personality so if anyone is wanting to learn more about plants and mushrooms blue ridge chaga connection is the place to go My grandson and me had a great time thanks again.

Meredith Weaver (Asheville- Massage Therapist)

Kevin is one of the kindest humans I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting. He’s lucky enough to have found a calling that combines two special things that one can immediately tell is very close to his heart. Nature and mushrooms. On top of that, he’s figured out how to make it accessible. If you’re lucky enough to go foraging with him, you can see he moves with intention, a light foot on ‘ole mother earth, and never just takes. He works with a combined effort of skill, deep-rooted knowledge of edible fungi, and respect. Because of that, I am in gratitude for the product he delivers. Sometimes, it’s edible mushrooms for cookin’ and just recently he introduced me to Chaga. With his guidance, brewing the tea was made easy. Delivering, an alternative to my ole’ southern go-to summertime sweet tea. I learned, infusing it with a lil’ garden mint made it super tasty! Given the added medicinal benefits, this will definitely be a staple in the home. Thank you so much Kevin!!!

Michelle Neubel (Herbalist-Tennessee)

“Kevin, was very helpful and informative about the use of medicinal mushrooms; particularly, Chaga. I would not hesitate to recommend Blue Ridge Chaga Connection. As an herbalist, I try to grow whatever plant I need or find quality ingredients for formulating and for personal use. Kevin’s customer service for shipping was extremely fast and he had wonderful quality foraged Chaga.”

Ben Lynch (Asheville)

“Forest to table!

Big thanks to Blue Ridge Chaga Connection for guiding the hike and showing us which ones taste amazing and which ones are harmful, I highly recommend this to anyone in the Asheville area looking to broaden their knowledge of local mushrooms and medicinal plants. “

Zakiyyah Stewart (Asheville)

5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️!

” Kevin is very nice person and he knows a lot about Chaga. I became interested in Chaga when Kevin shared research studies supporting the benefits of Chaga, and Lions Mane like creating new neuron pathways in the brain. My mom was diagnosed with dementia so we committed to taking Lions Mane everyday. We both experience an increase energy thanks to Chaga tea and mental sharpness from the tincture. I notice subtle improvements in my mother’s memory. More importantly she notices the differences herself. My mother is empowered to take her health into her own hands now and I would like to thank Kevin for spreading good information! Thank you for the light you are sharing my friend.”

Alex Mandikos (Asheville)

“Went to a presentation on chaga tonight. Super informative, educational, and engaging, also there were free samples included! I have bought various mushrooms from Kevin, and have made amazing meals with all of them. It was great to learn of all the amazing nutritional and medicinal benefits of mushrooms that grow locally, as well as the history all across the world! Kevin is very knowledgeable, and also an incredibly genuine person. He offers great products, and also is a great teacher who does plant walks, and sincerely wants to help others learn more about nature and it’s healing properties. Highly recommend blue ridge chaga connection, any presentations, plant walks, and just getting to know Kevin as a person!”

Kacee Granke (Asheville)

“Kevin was communicative, flexible, friendly, helpful, and all-around awesome at teaching a group not only about TONS of mushrooms and fungi but also a variety of medicinal and edible (and just plain interesting) plants, all located in the woods in and around Asheville. An amazing crash course in foraging, lots of fun, and went home with a great amount of mushies that I was able to cook up and sample fresh for the first time in my life. Can’t recommend enough!”