Zakiyyah Stewart (Asheville)

5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️!

” Kevin is very nice person and he knows a lot about Chaga. I became interested in Chaga when Kevin shared research studies supporting the benefits of Chaga, and Lions Mane like creating new neuron pathways in the brain. My mom was diagnosed with dementia so we committed to taking Lions Mane everyday. We both experience an increase energy thanks to Chaga tea and mental sharpness from the tincture. I notice subtle improvements in my mother’s memory. More importantly she notices the differences herself. My mother is empowered to take her health into her own hands now and I would like to thank Kevin for spreading good information! Thank you for the light you are sharing my friend.”

Alex Mandikos (Asheville)

“Went to a presentation on chaga tonight. Super informative, educational, and engaging, also there were free samples included! I have bought various mushrooms from Kevin, and have made amazing meals with all of them. It was great to learn of all the amazing nutritional and medicinal benefits of mushrooms that grow locally, as well as the history all across the world! Kevin is very knowledgeable, and also an incredibly genuine person. He offers great products, and also is a great teacher who does plant walks, and sincerely wants to help others learn more about nature and it’s healing properties. Highly recommend blue ridge chaga connection, any presentations, plant walks, and just getting to know Kevin as a person!”

Kacee (Asheville)

“Kevin was communicative, flexible, friendly, helpful, and all-around awesome at teaching a group not only about TONS of mushrooms and fungi but also a variety of medicinal and edible (and just plain interesting) plants, all located in the woods in and around Asheville. An amazing crash course in foraging, lots of fun, and went home with a great amount of mushies that I was able to cook up and sample fresh for the first time in my life. Can’t recommend enough!”

Lori Collins Jenkins (Sister of Mother Earth- Fire ciders)

It is my absolute mission to create a community within my own medicine and food, so I’m always looking to partner with others to add local products to what I make. When I met Kevin at the Roots and Fruits Winter Market vending, I knew I had to collaborate with him! We are both big believers in teaching about what we sell, so our partnership came together naturally. I use his chaga in my elderberry syrup, and it gives a deep, earthy taste and color as well as a super local immunity boost. Kevin creates that underlying thread that ties us all through his foraging adventures and beautiful mushrooms. I’m so grateful he shares his products for others to enjoy, and I’m even more grateful others become part of our community through the medicine we’ve made together!

Jenn Moss (Missouri)

Knowledgeable information, great customer service, a wealth of information on anything you ask about, friendly, and fast fast fast service!

Liz Roseman (Acupuncturist-Asheville)

Kevin’s knowledge of mushrooms is amazing, and his prices are very affordable. On top of it all, he’s such a nice guy! I highly recommend grabbing mushrooms from him – I’m about to make some of his chanterelles in a few. Yum!!!!

Kate Sharon Freeman (Asheville)

Kevin delivered an extremely informative presentation – much more than anyone expected – when he spoke at a special event I hosted. His slide show provided pictures and information that was useful to everyone in attendance. He answered questions ranging in topics from sustainable harvesting to potential health benefits and had examples of specimens he has personally found on his guided hikes. It helped that he also had sample chaga tea for everyone to try and that his high quality tinctures were available with and without alcohol for those mindful of that. Our group loved Kevin’s kind and generous approach to sharing what he is obviously so passionate about and I hope he comes for another presentation!

Margaret Kirschner (Asheville)

Kevin is an expert on Chaga. He provided inspiring information about the many health benefits, explained exactly how to prepare it and gave me some great suggestions for optional add-ins. The ordering and receiving process was fast and efficient. I’ve used it throughout the winter months and happily have not experienced a cold. Chaga tastes very subtle so it is easy to consume as part of my everyday routine. I’m a big fan.

Elizabeth Stone Rollins (Morganton)

Glad to have a local supplier of fresh wild harvested medicinal mushrooms. I love the chaga tea and tincture as well as the lions mane tincture. I can’t wait to try your new four of a kind mixture..I feel like the chaga has strengthened me physically and spiritually and the lions mane has helped me cognitively with memory and mental clarity… It Clears the brain fog.

Olivia Sanders (Soil Sine Farms-Burnsville)

I love the fresh wild mushrooms they bring to market! I don’t get into the woods enough this time of year but the good folks at Chaga Connection always have my back with abundant, delicious wild mushrooms. Plus they are so knowledgeable about the health benefits of their products, I always learn something new and go home feelin really excited about eating more wild foods. Great work!

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