Lewis Stone (Asheville)

“Kevin is fun and super knowledgeable. I have been on a handful of walks with him and plan to go on many more. I learn more everytime as mushrooms grow and seasons change. Go on an adventure with him one time and you’ll be hooked. I promise you, it’ll be an experience of a lifetime.”

Jane Kennedy (Asheville)

“I attended Kevin’s workshop on March 10 and had a great time. Kevin’s presentation was interesting and presented enough facts about Chaga, Reishi and Turkey Tail to get us engaged. He was great answering our questions.
i enjoyed his energy and obvious love of mushrooms. I am looking forward to a mushroom walk soon!
Thanks Kevin for what you are doing to bring natural medicine to us.”

Bill Rhodes (Candler)

“Kevin is always available to replenish your chaga supply. The tea can help with a variety of ailments, and is easy to use. A great value.”

Jake Spetalieri (Asheville)

“Kevin introduced the health benefits of chaga to me a few months ago. Since then everyone in my household and workplace has had cold and flue symptoms except me. It feels good to support ecologically sustainable business too! Thanks Kevin!”

Julia Popowski (Asheville)

  “I asked Kevin about Chaga and he gave me a whole list of benefits as well as a detailed sheet on how to make my own tea and tinctures. He is very knowledgeable and reliable with the product. Also, super duper friendly (: I am a regular customer now and make Chaga everyday and I feel great! Would highly recommend to anyone!”

Christopher Scullin (Asheville)

  “I drink chaga tea every night. It’s awesome to find someone that can supply this mushroom at such a honest price. Highly reccomend to anyone. Too many benefits to turn your head at. Also!! I highly encourage getting out with Kevin on a mushroom walk! Kevin is extremely knowledgeable all around from plants to mushrooms. Sent me home with a lot of information and multiple varieties of edible mushrooms. Couldn’t ask for a better experience!”

Jordan Davis (Asheville)

“I had the opportunity to attend a presentation on Chaga mushrooms last weekend and I was very impressed. Kevin did a phenomenal job at purveying the information in a way that was both gripping, and easy to understand. He also provides a number of products through local markets, presentations, his online market, and guides mushroom and plant walks. I highly recommend attending one of Kevins presentations if you are interested in learning about mushrooms in the region. “


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