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Wild Cordyceps mushroom

Spring is at our door step at last! With it comes the excitement of the mushroom season ahead. Some locals are predicting Morels will be here at the end of this month, personally it’s one of my favorite but most challenging hunts. I’ve spent the last month foraging Turkey Tail, Birch Polypore and Chaga, as well as making new tinctures and researching new markets. I’ve had some people ask me about mushroom tours, I will restart these walks in June. This month I’ll be featuring a most unique mushroom called Cordyceps or also known as the zombie mushroom.

Markets: I’m excited to be a part of the Weaverville winter market this year, which happens Wednesdays at 60 Lakeshore drive, the community center in Weaverville. I’ll be vending this market 3/2, 3/16, 3/23 and 3/30. All other markets will begin next month.

Monthly Special: All Cordyceps tinctures are $10 off. Available in double extracted alcohol and single extracted vegetable glycerin, also double extracted Cordyceps/CBD blend. Made with locally sourced CBD flower from Other Side Hemp Company, here in Leicester, NC. I use locally sourced Cordyceps Militaris mushroom.

Cordyceps is called the zombie mushroom as it literally takes over various insects, from caterpillars to ants, and fills their bodies with mycelium, eventually bursting from their brains and creating a fruiting body! It’s quite wild and unusual. They grow in all parts of the world, for us in this region late summer and fall are god times to look for them. Often along mossy stream banks.

Cordyceps have a range of wonderful benefits including: boosting energy and endurance, protecting heart health, regulating respiratory function, strengthens the immune system, promotes kidney health, improves libido, anti-tumor and anti-aging properties.

Here’s some great resources on Cordyceps to check out:

New Products: I’m pretty excited to offer tee shirts, long sleeve tee shirts, tote bags, mugs and hoodies at last! If you love my logo, or want to support my business by wearing it around, check out my new offerings…..

Foraging is one of the best parts of having a mushroom business. This time of year is all about getting out and getting back in the groove, adding a few miles every time out. I have to say the app, All Trails, is amazing, tons of great trails, track mileage, drop pins and download maps for offline use. Some fun mushrooms popping out now are the Jellies, Witches Butter (pictured above) are a raw edible, tasteless gummy bears, I call them. Also Wood Ears which go great in sautés and stir fry’s, by themselves are quite bland but soak up seasonings and spices nicely.

Lastly, Coming soon to forest near you I hope………..

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