August News

The summer is in full blast in the forest and this month is one of the most exciting! Pictured above is one of my absolute favorites to find, the blue indigo milk cap. This little beauty is edible and one of the most vibrant mushrooms you’ll see. Tours will continue on through fall, if interested I suggest contacting me via text or email. I’ve moved to announcing walks the week of, posting on instagram and facebook, if you don’t have or use either of those, reaching out to me works to!

Note: I will be traveling from 7/28-8/7 all orders in this period will be delayed until I return

I will be traveling up to PA for the second year in a row for mycofest, a wonderfully fun and educational mushroom festival. On the way I plan to forage in Maryland and Pennsylvania. Orders will be delayed during this week. I can’t wait to reconnect with friends there and make some new ones as the network grows on!


East Asheville Tailgate: Fridays 3-6 @ 954 tunnel rd I’ll be there 8/11, 8/18 and 8/25

Burnsville/Yancey County: Saturdays 8:30-12:30 downtown Burnsville I’ll be there 8/19 and 8/26

Monthly Special: For August the special will be $5 off teabags and $10 off tinctures of Turkey Tail. Turkey Tail really gets growing this month in force. It’s perhaps the most researched medicinal mushroom and with it’s many health benefits, it should be! It may be most recognized for it’s cancer fighting properties but also aids in digestion, boosts the immune system, improved cognitive function, fights diabetes and reduces inflammation. Turkey Tail is also a great mushroom to help fight canine cancers.

Here’s some highlights you’ll see this month. From top across–Beefsteak (raw edible), crown tipped coral, amanita (deadly), painted bolete, golden milky, bicolor bolete, cauliflower, smooth chanterelle, blue indigo milky, cinnabar chaneterlle, lobsters, chickens, shaggy stalked bolete and black trumpets. If you live in such a diverse area as I do you’ll see lots more varieties out there right now! As a forager this is the time to be in woods everyday, I guarantee you won’t leave with an empty basket!

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